Simple ways to clean the hi-vis jackets in the right way

Simple ways to clean the hi-vis jackets in the right way

Workwear is fundamental clothing for many people working on construction sites or road projects. Hi-vis clothing helps to maintain the safety while working on-site. These jackets' luminous colour increases their profile and makes them visible while working on the roadside. But, since they work on the roadside, they are more likely to get dirty than other workwear clothing.

Therefore, if you wish to preserve their longevity and quality, you will need to clean them properly. To prevent damage to the jacket, however, the cleaning must be done properly. Here, we will talk about the simple, yet the right ways to clean the hi visibility jackets so that they don’t get damaged. And also, with proper cleaning, you can maintain the shine of the product.

Wash with other clothing items.

You should wash the hi vis clothes but not in a way that it messes up the colour of the product. It should be cleaned and washed in a way that the colour of the product remains the same. Thus, make sure to wash it with those clothes that have similar tones. Otherwise, it could begin staining and the jacket might get damaged.

Also, place them with similar textured clothes. Ensure you don’t wash them with jeans or any rough fabrics that would interfere with and damage their wash.

Only wash them as recommended

Washing the hi-vis jackets is good. But cleaning them regularly is not good. The luminous reflection of the jackets might get damaged with regular washing. Therefore, it is recommended to see how often the hi-vis clothes are washed and follow them correctly. You can also choose to wash them manually. Wiping them down regularly would also keep them clean.

Using mild detergents to eliminate the grime in the jackets

Pre-soak the jackets by leaving them for around thirty minutes. This way, you can instantly notice the grime removal from the jackets. And if the grime persists in them, keep them for a longer time. Therefore, never use harsh or rough chemicals on the jackets that could damage them.

Instead, use lighter ones to make the wash smooth and comfortable. You can check high visibility clothingfrom Entire Workwear in Perth. They have some top quality jackets which could be the best for your workwear.

Hang the clothes before washing them.

You should not easily flip the jackets into the heap of clothes after coming back home. Rather than putting them into the laundry bags, its better to hang them. Before cleaning the jackets, hanging the clothes can be a good option.

This will make sure that the dust and debris is identified. If the dirt and debris are not dusted down and ingrained into the jacket, removing them will become more challenging.

Maintain suitable temperatures

Washing machines are mainly used to clean garments. And it is common for us to use washing machines to clean jackets too. But what about the temperature of the washing machine? Well, for the hi-visibility clothing, you should always maintain a lukewarm temperature while cleaning them. Higher temperatures might destabilize the fabric of the hi-vis jackets and damage them while washing.


Hi vis jackets are very important clothes that the workers need while working on the sites. Just as they are important for your safety, you should also clean them properly to maintain their quality. Therefore, these are the given tips that you must follow for cleaning the hi vis jackets. And if you need high-visibility workwear in Perth, then there is none better than Entire Workwear. They are the finest manufacturers of hi-vis clothing. 

14th May 2024 HK Workwear

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